FCLV Moms will provide surrogacy and egg donation resources and support. Weekly we will have questions answered by the staff of The Fertility Center of Las Vegas.
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 Egg freezing and Fertility preservation via fertilitycenterlv.com

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PostSubject: Egg freezing and Fertility preservation via fertilitycenterlv.com   Sat Mar 22, 2014 2:08 am

Many patients are worried about the proverbial biological clock ticking away.

Treatment Details

Although ovaries can decline at any time, even in our 20s, the average woman begins to experience decline starting around age 33 to 35. By their early 40s, most women’s ovaries have declined greatly. Egg freezing is an important option for these women to preserve their fertility.

Egg freezing involves stimulating the ovaries to produce follicles and eggs, removing these eggs and freezing them. Multiple egg retrievals may be employed to get a large set of frozen eggs, which increases the chance of later success. Frozen eggs may be safely stored for many years without any known harm.

The eggs may be thawed, fertilized with sperm from a male partner or donor sperm and transferred to the uterus when the woman is ready.

Couples who wish to preserve fertility, but are not ready to have children, may choose to freeze eggs or embryos.

Women who are preparing to undergo cancer treatments that might harm their ovaries also often utilize egg or embryo freezing.
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Egg freezing and Fertility preservation via fertilitycenterlv.com
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